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Volker’s playfulness was always his driving force. As a recognized specialist for both Cars and Beauty, he has a proven track-record that defies stereotyping. Throughout his youth Volker benefitted greatly from his parents' sense of adventure, visiting remote countries, living amongst a diverse range of cultures, settings and languages. Today this allows him to move and communicate with ease in an international industry, be it China, Russia or Japan.
Volker’s early years in the industry are rooted in the lighting department, a valuable foundation for mastering the art of cinematography.
With a love for both - challenges and meticulous planning - Volker strives for solutions that are out of the ordinary. His mantra is “spend your money only there where you can actually see it!”, be it a major light set-up on a Russian Arm or a small scrap of poly that makes all the difference during intimate beauty shoots. And however stormy things become, he retains a calmness that everybody around him can sense and that brings out the best in everyone on the set.

China Pano


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Nissan Dubai Dessert


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China Tibetian Village


Silver VICTORIA Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage     Messeauftritt DB Logistics TRANSPO     3 x GOLDEN AWARD at World Media Festival     iF Communication Design Award     Finalist at NewYork Festival Film&Video     Award of Master Corporate Media     Sonderauszeichnung Corporate Media     Eyes & Ears Awards ZDF / Leichtathletic EM Göteborg